At Risk For Violence

58-question violence proneness assessment

Test Manual

This 58-item questionnaire assesses ten traits that put children and adults at risk for delinquent and criminal behavior, including violent acts. Persons with elevated scores on this test are more prone to antisocial behaviors than those with lower scores. Knowing specific areas of at-riskness can help change them, as by improving friendships and career satisfaction, being less rigid in thinking, feeling guilty and sorry for wrongdoing and reducing access to guns and violent movies, video games and music. You may also choose to seek professional assistance to explore your specific areas of at-riskness.

We also offer the option for organizations such as corporations, schools, police departments, prisons, and the like to administer the testing at an organization level. The scores and analysis report would then be diverted to the organization instead of delivered directly to the test-taker. Please contact us if you are interested in this level of assessment administration.

Length of Test: 15 minutes
Price: $7.95 One-Time Fee

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