Generic Battery for HR Managers

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Assessment Testing for Job Applicants and Employees

This is a library of several tests from which you can select several to assess intelligence, personality traits and other job-specific traits. Typically, a company will select three intelligence measures, five personality measures and one or two job-specific measures.

Procedure recommended is as follows: HR managers put out job announcements and receive applications from interested potential employees. They screen these applications and choose persons they think are worth further evaluating. They create an account on the Testmaster Inc. website and select tests to include in batteries for each of the different jobs for which they are screening applicants.

For example they may use one battery for screening secretary applicants and another battery for sales personnel. They enter the names and a code number for each of the applicants who will take the test battery. These applicants are given instructions about going to the website, entering their code number and name, and completing the battery online.

The battery is scored immediately by computer and a report is prepared and sent by email to the HR manager. The HR manager decides whether the applicant is to be retained for further screening.

Those who are selected are then screened with the remaining procedures used by the company, such as background checks, back exams, drug screens and personal interviews. Applicants who pass all of these procedures are hired.

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This test is available online to administer and will be scored automatically.

Pricing Structure

$3.00 per test section completed.
A typical battery runs about $30.00, depending on the number of tests used.

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